The best way to use the App Store Connect API on iOS with easy to use Shortcut actions

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App Store Connect API Keys

Securley store App Store Connect API Keys within ConnectKit. These keys will also sync over iCloud between your devices.

Easy To Use Actions

Get actions for creating the JWT, making an authorized request, getting sales and finance reports, apps, and more to come!

Use Our Examples

ConnectKit comes with examples of all the actions to make things easier on you! The examples will continuely be updated. You can even suggest your own in the examples GitHub repo!

Automate All The Things

You have the whole App Store Connect API at your fingertips. The examples can give you a start of what's possible but it doesn't even start to touch everything you could do!

Integrate with other Shortcut apps!


Download Charty

Sales reports, finances reports, and other data can be forwarded into Charty actions to make beautiful charts on your home screen.


Download WidgetPack

Any data fetched from the ConnectKit actions can be piped into WidgetPack actions to give you quick access to view information that you would normally view on App Store Connect.

ConnectKit has an ever growing list of examples!

Use these examples as is or modify for your own workflow

Contribute your example!

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